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At the 2022 Annual General Meeting

Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchs was re-elected as president. The term of office is 5 years.


Once a month (except during the school holidays in Saxony) the board meets in the office for a board meeting.

The board consists of seven elected members

(Election took place on July 2nd, 2022 for four years by the General Meeting)


Mr Dr. Michael Kampf

deputy chairman

Ms. Gabriele Findeisen


Mr Prof. Dr. Steffen Wilsdorf



Mr Lucas Heller

board members

Ms. Christine Lisker | Ms. Daniela Freimann | Ms. Grit Miamingui

The Thomaner (domesticus) responsible for alumna issues and members of the choir management may attend the board meetings in an advisory capacity. The office manager, Olaf Olschewski, also attends every meeting in an advisory capacity.

Honorary members of the support group were Frau Doris Gunther  (deceased December 2009), Mr. Dr. Martin Kohlhausen, Dr. Hans-Georg Paul (deceased in December 2020), Mr. Rev. Christian Führer  (President, deceased 30 June 2014).

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